Laptop Photoshoot!

Toshiba U405 2008 - The trooper. My old main computer.
CPU: 2.4ghz Core 2 Duo
RAM: 3gb (lol odd number)
HDD: 320gb (what is it with these odd numbers?)
OS: Ubuntu 15.10
Battery: Aftermarket. Bad (30 minutes)
Condition: Working (had a water spill, still working!)

Macbook 2008 - DJ computer. My current main.
CPU: 2.4ghz Core 2 Duo
GPU: Intel x3100
RAM: 2gb
HDD: 160gb
OS: Mac OS X 10.6.8
Battery: Unknown. Great! (2 hours)
Condition: Working

iBook G4 2004 - Tough. Used as a DJ audio backup. Used for PPC programming.
CPU: 1.2ghz PowerPC G4
GPU: ATI (something)
RAM: 1.25gb
HDD: 40gb
OS: Mac OS X 10.4.11
Battery: Original. Good (1 hour)
Condition: Working

HP Pavilion ze4900 2004 - My first laptop
CPU: 1.4ghz Intel Celeron
GPU: unknown
RAM: 512mb
HDD: unknown
OS: None
Battery: Original. Not working.
Condition: Not working (Bad motherboard, bad LCD inverter)

CTX EZBook Unknown (700/800?) Unknown (1995-6?) - Collectors/Vintage
CPU: Unknown (266mhz?) Pentium
GPU: Unknown
RAM: 64mb
HDD: Unknown
OS: Lol... None
Battery: Unknown. Not working.
Condition: Not working. Missing many parts.

HP Pavilion zd7000 2004 - Free from a yard sale
CPU: Unknown
GPU: Unknown
RAM: Unknown
HDD: 60gb
OS: Windows XP
Battery: Unknown. Bad (1-10 minutes)
Condition: Kinda working. Unknown problems. No screen

Macintosh Powerbook 160 1993 - My prized possession. Vintage.
CPU: 25mhz Motorola 68k
GPU: None?
RAM: 4mb (gonna get 12mb soon)
HDD: 40mb
OS: Mac OS 7.5.3
Battery: Original. See this post.
Condition: Working flawlessly

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