Mac OS System 7.5.3 Floppies - PowerBook 160 upgrade

In this post I will describe how I upgraded my PowerBook (With a 40 mb hard drive) to OS 7.5.3. First I will talk about the challenges, then the resources.


Due to the fact that I only had 40 mb to work with, I ran in to a few problems. Using the free 7.5.3 files that Apple Provides, I had to copy the 1 .smi file and 18 .part files to the 40 mb hard drive. This proved to be impossible because, with a system already installed to boot (7.1.0) the space left was only a small 16 mb. Installing the MINIMUM software requires at least 18 mb.

7.5.3 was not in floppy form. It was downloadable in a form that you could put on floppies, but not use it directly from floppies. There was a way around this. If you can find the system 7.5.3 CD for motorola 68k (not PowerPC) there are floppy images on that cd. Those are what I am using and I will provide them for download on my Google Drive.

Mac OS 10.6.8 can not interact with HFS formatted floppies and my iBook G3 with os 10.4.11 can not properly format the drives to the full 1.4 mb (I end up with only 1.1 mb). I ended up having to use 3 computers to complete the process. My powerbook (the target for the OS) for formatting, my toshiba (ubuntu 15.10) for copying files to the floppies, and my iBook G3 (os 10.4.11) to mount the image files and copy the contents to a USB disk.


Floppy Images: My Drive

Disk Copy 4.2 (Mac OS 7-9.2): Apple - My Drive

UPDATE 1/28/16:

I ended up having to use Disk Copy 4.2 to make floppy disks out of the image files. The Disk Copy 4.2 installer will be provided above from Apple as well as My Drive. I, myself, only had 3 floppy disks (working) to use so I used Disk Copy to make one of them the "Install Disk 1" and used the other 2 to act as the other 15 disks (erase, burn disk image, insert in PowerBook to continue). In order to properly set up those floppies, I had to install Mac OS 9.2 on my iBook G3 and create floppies that way.

Images below of the final product: