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MacBook 2007

I just got a MacBook 2007 off eBay for a very good price. It will be my main now for it is better than my toshiba.


'macbook 4,1'
Intel Core 2 Duo (not Core Duo) at 2.4ghz

2gb ddr2 667mhz ram (upgrading to 4gb)

160gb hard drive

iSight camera built in

13.3" display at 1280x800

GMA x3100 144mb (i think) graphics chipset

MagSafe charging

Included in the box:

listed as 60 watt charger (but i got an 85 watt one!!)

MacBook early 2008 (turns out to be late '07 but no difference. I like the older ones)

working battery (unsure if it is original or replaced but it looks to be original. It holds a good 4 hour charge)

Mac OS X 10.6.8 was installed but due to age I can not get the free upgrade to 10.10 (or 10.11). I will probably just go look for 10.7.4 online because it was originally a free upgrade for 10.6.8 users. This thing runs great and aside from a small hairline crack near the keyboard and on the front of the palmrest (very common) it looks like new and runs like ne…