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FT Versa Wing Build | From Scratch

On first note I will say that I was in no way asked or rewarded for making this tutorial; I am not in any involvement with FliteTest or with this project, I am simply providing an accurate tutorial on how to build this plane from scratch.

This tutorial will go over the complicated idea (for people new to this) on how to build this plane from scratch. I have seen no tutorials whatsoever on how to build it from scratch. Using the available plans from FliteTest and using their speed build tutorial I have managed to build this from scratch on 3, 20x30 sheets of foam board. I myself am completely new to this area and this was my first time building a model rc from scratch.

Total Parts Cost: $119.30 (USD)
My Shopping List:

 - 6 Channel Transmitter + Receiver

 - Motor + esc

 - 8x6 Propellers

 - 9g micro servos

 - 2s-3s lipo balanced charger

 - lipo voltage warning alarm + tester

 - 3s 2200 MAh lipo battery

 - 3* 20x30 foam board sheets


Exacto Knife
Hot Glue (high temp)
packing tape
a la…