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iBook G4 and G3 side by side comparison

iBook G4 (2004):

CPU: 1.2 GHZ PowerPC G4

GPU: 32 MB

OS: Mac os x 10.5.8 with latest updates

Battery condition: Working ~2-3 hours


RAM: 1256 MB (1.2 GB)

iBook G3 (2001):

CPU: 500 MHZ PowerPC G3


OS: Mac os x 10.4.11 with latest updates

Battery condition: Working ~4-5 hours

Battery: 3rd party from Amazon

RAM: 192 MB

Unboxing the iBook G4

Word about the seller

This was an exceptional seller in my opinion. He shipped fast and it arrived 4 days earlier than it said it would. Definitely would purchase from him again.

iBook Updates

Well after a while of thinking and searching, I have finally purchased the newer generation iBook G4 from eBay. This was a hard find for the specs. Here is what I know about it from the description compared to my G3

iBook G4 (unknown year/month yet)

Model No.A1054

CPU: PowerPC G4 1.2 Ghz

RAM: DDR 1256 MB (1.256 GB)

GPU: ATI Mobility Radeon 9200 32 MB

Size: 12.1" (I still don’t really like the 14" one)

OS: Unknown at the moment (has to be 10.4.11 or higher with office '08)

It says it includes MS Office '08 which is a nice add-on (LibreOffice to the rescue...)

iBook G3 (sad to say, I found out its an October 2001 not May)

Model No. M6497

CPU: PowerPC G3 500 Mhz

RAM: DDR 192 MB (0.192 GB)

GPU: ATI Rage mobility 128 (pro?) 8MB

Size: 12.1"

OS: 10.4.11

Arriving within the week or so. I’m excited to be experimenting with this new laptop!

Another update, …