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PorcFest Minecraft Map for MC 1.7.5+

This is the map I have been waiting to release for 2 years!! PorcFest/Rodger's Campground in MINECRAFT. This is a 2 year project that I started not long after getting back from PorcFest X (10). It is not very accurate but I like it. You can actually get the feel that you are walking around the campground. Currently there are lots of unfinished things but I just couldn’t wait to release it any longer. Here is the todo list:

1: Fix the rotation of the cabins. They are facing the wrong way

2. Add trees. Lots of trees.

3. Update the recourcepack to 1.8

4. Possibly add highlighted campsites in Agora Vally. That will include things like food trucks and others.

I will have all screenshots in a folder given the fact that there is 75 of them. I will also include all the backups I made for those who want to see the progress.

This map will have updates available and the downloads at it's page: