Minecraft Mac PowerPC : Java 6 on os x 10.4.11

Here is a little tutorial on how to get minecraft 1.5.2 or under on your os 10.4 mac.

My specs (dumbed down): Powerpc G3 500 Mhz os 10.4.11 iBook g3 snow early 2001

1: First you have to download the java6 developer preview (build 5 or 6) which is the only one built to run on 10.4.11

2: Then you have to download the OLD 1.5 LAUNCHER and a copy of the OLD .minecraft FOLDER (with the old bin/ folder for 1.5) NOTE: DO NOT download the .jar files for minecraft. You must download them legally through your purchased minecraft and copy them to your mac minecraft/bin folder.

3: You have to delete the java version files in the java folder in /system. Tutorials can be found online on how to do this. NOTE: Do not download the .dmg labled java6-dp.dmg, as far as i know this one doesnt work.

4: Install java from the .dmg you downloaded earlier

5: You may not have to do this, but for me i had to move the old java 5 folders and rename the java 6 folders to what the java 5 ones were.

6: Open terminal.app and type "java -version"
 If it all went well, it should say something along the lines of "Java_1.6.0_dp"

7: Copy any minecraft version 1.5.2 or older .jar to /Users/(yourname)/Library/Application Support/minecraft/bin

8: Open the old minecraft launcher jar and just click play. Then when it says "Cannot connect to minecraft.net" just click play offline.

There you go! Minecraft on your outdated mac!

NOTE: The old launcher and minecraft 1.5 or earlier will run on java 5, but java 6 opens up the possibility to compile LWJGL 2.9< and run newer versions of minecraft (E.G 1.8)

THESE ARE OLD SCREENSHOTS. Same config, just with java 5