Since all you fans seem to be interested in my posts on the operating system PearOS I thought I would bring you an update with this OS. Well first of, sad but true, PearOS is no more. The owner took it down for legal reasons (what a surprise) and the web domain has been purchased (so don't go to it expecting PearOS). But the good news will be at the end of this post.

So after my most recent post on this OS they have provided us with PearOS 8 which not only changes the design but also provides an i386 version for older computers. Yes it still looks like Mac OSX but they did change "Finder" to "Files" which was a smart move on their end. But it was still discontinued on Feb. 27, 2014 according to the sourceforge repository.

Now for the good news. The sourceforge repository still has downloads for PearOS 4 and 5 (4 was called comice) and I will provide so kindly the download for PearOS 7 which I was very smart to upload (I no longer have it on my computer).

PearOS 4 and 5 (it says it has 6 but it only has the .md5 not the .iso files):

PearOS 7 :

PearOS 8 : Soon to come. I may have downloaded one of the early betas of this OS.

PearOS Server (7 or 8 idk) : Also soon to come. I know I have these somewhere.