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PC Minecraft on android.

I am now announcing that after years of trying someone has finally made a way to install minecraft 1.7.10 and 1.8 on your android device. This is the creator of BlockLauncher; the only updating app (that I have seen) for running mods on the latest version of minecraft pocket edition and Pocket INV editor; the app for editing many things about your minecraft PE world. Thats right, Zhuowei Zhang.
The app is called Boardwalk. Here is what you need:

1. A decient phone or tablet (dual core, 1GB ram or more). I have tested and confermed working the 2nd gen kindle fire (not hd) and the 2013 fire HD with the beta, 1.0.7.

(a). Android 4.1 and up only

2. An internet connection.

3. A minecraft account (optional)

4. And the latest release of the app (or the DEV version for running on kindle)

Downsides that i have noticed: offline or cracked servers only, only about 15 FPS with 2 gb dual core on a server or superflat world, 1.8 is buggy and laggy.


1.0.7 Original: 1.0.7 Zhuowei's site