Lubuntu 13.04 installed FINALY

I finaly got lubuntu installed on my ppc mac. I was not able to do it with the live cd i had to do i with the alternate .iso. I will go over the steps to do it.

first of all here are the specs of my laptop that i installed it on. I will provide the instructions based on that.

iBook g3 "Snow" (dual usb, new world mac)
Power PC G3 single core processor 500 Mhz
cd drive (upgraded to cd/dvd in an earlier post)
Single button mouse (in ubuntu defaults are set with f11 as left click and f12 as right click)

1. Download the iso. you have to get the alternate iso. Not the net iso or the install OR the live iso

Download the lubuntu 13.04 saucy powerpc alternate iso

2. Power on your machine and hold down the alt/option key. When it is done checking for disks select the linux disk. After it boots it will ask you a few questions. for keyboard select US... US Macintosh.
beware to install properly you have to use the entire disk (sadly) so make backups and then erase your disk.
and you do not need internet (it is best if you don't configure it right now). Now let the installer run.

3. testing and debugging. now that you are done with your install you need to test it. Boot up your mac and make sure you take out the cd. at first it might show the blinking folder but then (if you don't have another os installed) it should boot just fine.

there are two bugs that i know of

1. the battery indicator does not work out of the box (and i cant remember the fix)

2. the airport wireless does not work out of the box either.

for more information on bugs visit

for powerpc updates visit


(other screenshots)

    \/ \/    my collection of nine cd's and the only one that worked was the top one :D      \/ \/