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Lubuntu 13.04 installed FINALY

I finaly got lubuntu installed on my ppc mac. I was not able to do it with the live cd i had to do i with the alternate .iso. I will go over the steps to do it.

first of all here are the specs of my laptop that i installed it on. I will provide the instructions based on that.

iBook g3 "Snow" (dual usb, new world mac)
Power PC G3 single core processor 500 Mhz
cd drive (upgraded to cd/dvd in an earlier post)
Single button mouse (in ubuntu defaults are set with f11 as left click and f12 as right click)

1. Download the iso. you have to get the alternate iso. Not the net iso or the install OR the live iso

Download the lubuntu 13.04 saucy powerpc alternate iso

2. Power on your machine and hold down the alt/option key. When it is done checking for disks select the linux disk. After it boots it will ask you a few questions. for keyboard select US... US Macintosh.
beware to install properly you have to use the entire disk (sadly) so make backups and then erase your disk.
and you do n…

Porcupine Freedom Festival

This is the group photo for PorcFest 2013. (Time lapse > )...

PorcFest is an event held in NH and this year on the 10th PorcFest there were over 1500 people. It has events like the one pot Cookoff; an event for
going around, eating food, and then rating it from 1-10. PorcFest is held at Rogers campground in Lancaster, NH and is part of the Free State Project. So Come to PorcFest next year and feel what it's like to live in a free state. (For more information go to

ibook cd drive upgrade

Here are some pictures from when I upgraded the cd drive in my ibook to a dvd drive... pic 2 dvd-rom/cd-RW (HP). pic 4 ram soldered to the motherboard. pic 10 template for the screws. pic 6 wimpy cpu fan. :D

Fake vs real (apple vs pear)

compared...Pic 1-2 =Mac Pic 3-4 =Pear Pic 5 =Mac (left) and Pear (right)

Here is the volume up and down sound compare..
The first one is the real Mac volume sound and the second on is the Pear volume sound.

Lubuntu 13.04 road test~~

This is the desktop view of the new lubuntu...


Pear os7 (mac osx ripoff) linux

well this is new...
this is the linux of apple... PEAR (get it:))