PorcFest XVI 2019

It's that time of year again. The time for early bird PorcFest tickets! Be sure to reserve yours while you can as the price will only go up.

Enjoy events such as the New One Pot Cook-off, where all proceeds are going to the Free Ross campaign, and the 80s video game and dance party which is returning after a year off!

Check it out now at

Join the FSP official Discord server as well:

Welcome Back!

It's been a while hasn't it!

No, I'm not dead, this website is just dead. I'm fully migrating all the old posts here to a Wordpress site, which is also the website for my web development business.

The content will be changing. There will be more technology, more web development, less gaming, no paper crafting, and more life related things.

I'm completely removing the "free advertising" because it was a stupid idea and no one used it anyways.

There will be an improved newsletter, but not for a long time.

I'm changing the branding officially (which no one will notice) to "TechEdison". Ages ago it used to be "techEdison" and I never made an official change. I'm also getting new logos and using backgrounds that I photographed myself.

Laptop Photoshoot!

Toshiba U405 2008 - The trooper. My old main computer.
CPU: 2.4ghz Core 2 Duo
RAM: 3gb (lol odd number)
HDD: 320gb (what is it with these odd numbers?)
OS: Ubuntu 15.10
Battery: Aftermarket. Bad (30 minutes)
Condition: Working (had a water spill, still working!)

Macbook 2008 - DJ computer. My current main.
CPU: 2.4ghz Core 2 Duo
GPU: Intel x3100
RAM: 2gb
HDD: 160gb
OS: Mac OS X 10.6.8
Battery: Unknown. Great! (2 hours)
Condition: Working

iBook G4 2004 - Tough. Used as a DJ audio backup. Used for PPC programming.
CPU: 1.2ghz PowerPC G4
GPU: ATI (something)
RAM: 1.25gb
HDD: 40gb
OS: Mac OS X 10.4.11
Battery: Original. Good (1 hour)
Condition: Working

HP Pavilion ze4900 2004 - My first laptop CPU: 1.4ghz Intel Celeron GPU: unknown RAM: 512mb HDD: unknown OS: None Battery: Original. Not working. Condition: Not working (Bad motherboard, bad LCD inverter)

CTX EZBook Unknown (700/800?) Unknown (1995-6?) - Collectors/Vintage CPU: Unknown (266mhz?) Pentium GPU: Unknown RAM: 64mb HDD…

PorcFest 2016 Teen Rave

Come visit us on Friday the 24th of June at PorcFest for the Teen Rave! Visit with friends, dance, and enjoy the laser and fog show!

FPV RC Car Post 2/2 - The build

Pre-Info on certain parts:

The transmitter listed in the shopping list is a 1.5 watt transmitter. If you read the reviews, you will see it "burned up within 15 min". You MUST create a heatsink and have a fan blowing cool air over it or else IT WILL BURN. Mine even gets warm with the heatsink, but it is never too hot to touch.

My Heatsink:

Now I will upload pictures and explain what I did. This project was as DIY as I could possibly make it.

First, install the metal upgrade kit for the RC car's main drive shaft. This -WILL- break eventually if you use the plastic one at high speeds. I broke mine originally.

The 9 volt battery to power the heatsink fan for the TX will fit nicely on top of the RC car battery.

Once again, I made my power brick for the RX and goggles DIY. I used an old 12V router adapter.

Connections for the goggles and the RX.

Goggles: side

I would suggest writing something like this. Especially if you are new to FPV with goggles, as I am. Using goggles is l…

FPV RC Car Post 1/2 - Shopping List

This is a post with the shopping list of parts I used to create my semi-long range FPV rc car. It will be a 2 part tutorial-ish thing with this post being the shopping list and notes about the purchased items. In the next post, I will include pictures and more info on how I set it up.

NOTE: This is the -MAX- price for the least expensive stuff for -NON PRIME MEMBERS-. If you have amazon prime, or want to exclude any of these items because you already have them, the price will be lower. In my opinion, all the items in the cart below are required to use this setup to the fullest.

Tools List:

Hot Glue gun with LOTS of hot glue (although velcro can be used for some parts of this)


wire strippers (if you want to modify the lcd)

Around-the-house parts list:

Cardboard (for the cheapo fpv goggles)

Total Cost (non prime, all items): $281.12
Total Cost (prime, all items): $242.12

Rc Car: